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Code a Mobile App

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00:00 Welcome to the webinar!

01:17 New Media at UMaine

03:01 Roadmap and requirements for the webinar

The different ways to make a mobile app

06:43 Off-the-shelf v. homegrown apps

08:37 Usual suspects v. full-stack "fast-track"

Anatomy of a React Native app

11:00 3 parts of React Native code

Importing components, placing them on the screen, and styling them.

Viewing your mobile app in real time

16:08 Working with the app template (Expo Snack)

19:37 Previewing the app on the web or your phone

Understanding React Native components

26:04 The Text component

31:51 The Image component

35:33 Changing items on click.

Styling your app

40:40 Changing colors, fonts, and dimensions.

Learning more

48:38 UMaine tutorials on React Native

50:16 The New Media website and concentrations

This presentation was recorded by the University of Maine's New Media program. For more information, contact ude.eniam@otiloppij.

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This New Media workshop from 8 December 2020 walks participants through the creation of a cross-platform app in the form of a scavenger hunt. This app could be used to motivate students to find items of interest in a physical location (a nearby park) or online site (a museum website).

The skills needed to code an iPhone or Android app are in high demand, but learning to program both platforms separately can be daunting. This webinar's approach is instead to make a single cross-platform app with the free, versatile React Native framework used by Facebook, Instagram, and other prominent companies. Participants will learn the basics of React Native's HTML-like tags, customize them to fit their objective, and test-drive this new app on their own Android or iOS device.

A laptop and recent smartphone are all that is required. The webinar will show participants how to use Expo Snack, a code editor that works entirely online, and that allows users to view their app on the Web or on their phone via a QR code. We recommend that you install the free, lightweight Expo Go client app for your Android or iPhone before the webinar, though you can follow the process without the app.

Some coding experience, preferably in HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript, is recommended. You can learn more after the session via interactive React Native tutorials from the University of Maine's Just-in-Time Learning platform.

Conducting the workshop is New Media professor Jon Ippolito, who teaches web and mobile design and app-making and directs the Digital Curation graduate program.

This is part of a series of free webinars on cutting-edge technologies offered by the University of Maine's New Media program, which teaches animation, digital storytelling, gaming, music, physical computing, video, and web and app development. These are not Powerpoint lectures but guided demonstrations that students can follow at school or at home on their laptops. More about these webinars.

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