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How To Harness Generative AI for Education

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00:00 Introduction by Julia Upton, Husson University

Poll: What are appropriate uses of AI in the classroom?

03:13 Poll results for appropriate AI use by students

05:46 Poll results for appropriate AI use by teachers

Can generative AI be creative?

08:35 Sparks of intelligence versus stochastic parrots

10:28 Averages can lie

13:07 Averages can create

15:13 Averages in vector space

17:55 Metaphors in vector space

24:33 Audience questions: convexity and latency

Which tasks are appropriate for large language models?

31:49 Opportunistic versus prescriptive solutions

36:25 Latent averages

The trade-off between creativity and trust

38:53 Creativity versus trust

41:45 Application to education

Demos of ChatGPT in the classroom

43:30 GPT demo: Socratic tutor

46:12 GPT demo: Analyzing reports and visualizing data

Re-evaluating appropriate uses of AI

51:08 Audience questions: complexity and testing creativity

54:42 Revised poll on appropriate AI use by students and teachers

This presentation was recorded by the University of Maine's New Media program. For more information, contact ude.eniam@otiloppij.

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Can generative AI like ChatGPT be creative? Can it be trusted? The answers to these two questions may be surprisingly intertwined--and counterintuitive. Understanding why requires overturning some common misperceptions about probability, the fundamental driver of large language models. This webinar aims to clarify the confusing nature of generative AI and derive a framework for deciding the appropriate use of generative AI in the classroom and the workplace.

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The webinar is led by Jon Ippolito, Professor of New Media, director of the Digital Curation program, and co-founder of UMaine's larger Learning With AI initiative. The conversation is moderated by Dr. Julia Upton, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Husson University and IEEE Maine Section Chair.

This UMaine AI webinar is also sponsored by the University of Maine's New Media program, which teaches animation, digital storytelling, gaming, music, physical computing, video, and web and app development. These are not Powerpoint lectures but guided demonstrations that students can follow at school or at home on their laptops. Learn more about these webinars.

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