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AI in the Classroom: Disruptor or Superpower?

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00:00 Today's theme, the New Media program, and upcoming webinars

Introduced by Peter Schilling and Jon Ippolito.

02:37 How generative AI works

The "latent average" of two texts or images.

09:00 The chalkboard as historical precedent

Banishing the technology

12:08 Assignments that prioritize humanity

16:09 AI detectors

19:35 Will these tools remain free?

Replacing tasks with AI

20:19 Writing a lesson plan

24:22 Can ChatGPT create new things?

25:12 Practicing live recall with multiple-choice questions

26:43 Acting as a Socratic tutor

29:32 Editing a paragraph according to a writing standard

31:19 Debugging code syntax

33:34 Debugging code logic

Collaborating with AI

36:23 Mixing AI-generated content with local research

Broader implications for education

40:53 Epistemological shift in "what is knowing"

42:15 Amplifying unequal access to educational tools

44:05 Connecting learning more directly to communities

45:28 Teaching students to fact-check content

47:05 Real-time web lookup and AI integration into existing apps


48:43 AI monopolies

49:33 Training for faculty

50:14 Homeschooling and the debate over custom-tuned models

53:52 Supercharged disinformation


55:03 Future events and related resources

Learning With AI online toolkit

This presentation was recorded by the University of Maine's New Media program. For more information, contact ude.eniam@otiloppij.

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Educators who've watched the sudden rise of generative AI are understandably concerned, as traditional lesson plans could be upended by tools that can produce texts or images within seconds of typing a few words into a prompt. Should ChatGPT be banned from English class? Should art students be allowed to make images with DALLE-2 or Midjourney? Even if students only use these brand-new tools for research, how do they know whether the results are inaccurate or infringe a creator's copyright?

This New Media event from 4 April 2023 shows how the tools work and why they raise so many pedagogical and ethical questions. The presenters also introduced UMaine's Learning With AI initiative, including resources and a toolkit to help teachers and learners transition to this brave new world.

screenshot from 2023 AI in the Classroom: Disruptor or Superpower? webinar

Presenters include:

This is part of a series of free webinars on cutting-edge technologies offered by the University of Maine's New Media program, which teaches animation, digital storytelling, gaming, music, physical computing, video, and web and app development. These are not Powerpoint lectures but guided demonstrations that students can follow at school or at home on their laptops. More about these webinars.

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