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Bots, Ballots, and You

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Five ways AI threatens elections

00:00 Introduction by David Richards

04:19 Audio Deep fakes

Can you spot the fake?

10:22 Visual deep fakes

Live AI demo of generating fake images of President Biden.

14:03 Fake news

Sometimes guardrails work, and sometimes they don't.

Live AI demo of generating fake news story about upcoming election.

21:44 Malware

Live AI demo of generating ways to exploit vulnerable code.

24:50 Textpocalypse

Opposition party proposes 20,000 amendments.

Proposed solutions and their failure points

26:31 Solutions

26:53 Transparency

27:44 Accountability

28:03 Copyright

28:52 Watermarks

29:52 Trusted hardware and signatures

31:40 Journalism

33:41 Could liability encourage voluntary AI labels?

The problem with AI jargon

39:00 Misleading AI buzzwords

Generative AI emulates the brain in some ways but not all.

Misleading buzzwords include hallucination, model, alignment, interpretability, prompt engineering

Appropriate uses of AI

47:04 When does it make sense to use AI?

Tradeoff between creativity and trust

Why the criterion isn't low versus high stakes

51:03 Oddities of probability

53:55 Opportunity versus prescription

AI's use of citizen data

57:59 Are our online contributions being used to train today's models?

Reddit and Stack Overflow are now selling your data to AI companies.

AI is being incorporated behind the scenes into Gmail, Office, and other common tools.

How deepfakes are generated

60:09 Is human manipulation required to create deep fakes?

How large language models create new images from existing ones.

65:24 How much was facial recognition boosted by Zoom?

This video is an edited version of a recording by John Harlow at the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan, Maine for Somerset Community TV 11. For more information, contact ude.eniam@otiloppij.

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Graphic of US map populated with people and robots

With AI reshaping the contours of political discourse, veteran journalist and media historian Michael Socolow and New Media professor Jon Ippolito led the 2024 Maine Town Meeting on AI's influence in a crucial election year. This video is an excerpt from this event at the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan on 10 May 2024.

Jon Ippolito at Maine Town Meeting This presentation features Jon Ippolito, co-founder of UMaine's Learning With AI initiative, who surveys five threats that generative AI presents to democratic elections and evaluates the solutions proposed to counter them.

Ippolito is a professor in the University of Maine's New Media program, which teaches animation, digital storytelling, gaming, music, physical computing, video, and web and app development. Learn more about New Media's hands-on webinars.

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