Explore the collection of capstones at bottom or celebrate by joining one of these live events!

Thursday 29 May 10:00-10:30am Virtual opening in Mozilla Hubs

Join us for an "outdoor" opening in a 3d virtual space. All you need is a modern browser--desktop or mobile should work. Just copy the access code 224912 for future use.

1. Click this link to join our opening during the specified time period.

2. Click "Join room" and enable your microphone.

3. Drag your mouse to turn, and use arrow keys to move.

4. Click on the "traffic light" button at lower right for more on controlling your avatar. But it's easiest to learn just by exploring and interacting with others.

Have fun!

Thursday 29 May 10:30am-11:00am After-party in Second Life

If you're feeling adventurous, dive into Second Life, where Thomas Griffith will host a more fully-featured 3d experience:

1. Create a Second Life account and download the viewer for your platform (desktop or laptop only).

2. Once you have the account and viewer, click this link to visit the Second Life map on the web.

3. Click on the icon in the middle of the screen to visit this location. That will open the Second Life viewer, where you will log in with your SL account info. The first two boxes are your user name and password. The third one on the right should say TABULA RASA/180/21/3001.

4. Clicking login will transport you to a sky box 3000 meters above Thomas' island, where you will find some help with navigation. Follow the instructions, or just step off the platform and fall--your avatar won't get hurt.

5. If it's too dark when you get there, press Command-Shift-Y (Mac) or Control-Shift-Y (Windows) to change to daytime.

6. Left-click anywhere to walk there.

7. Find another avatar (Thomas is "Alexx Fenstalker") and strike up a conversation!

⚠️ If your connection or viewer glitches, try closing the window to quit Second Life, then logging in again.

Friday 30 May 5:30pm Senior send-off in Zoom

Family and friends of New Media seniors are invited to join us for a special senior send-off. This short celebration will recognize the remarkable achievements of our seniors despite this year’s unprecedented challenges.

The event will take place in Zoom.

AR Gardens

Claudio Van Duijn

Use augmented reality to show you how your garden will look in your yard, with information on watering, feeding and the best plants for your climate and environment.


Bridge Network

Mike Gecawicz & Isaac Javed

This mobile app aggregates social media accounts to simplify connections between users, both in our applications and across the web.



Brody Lycan

This interactive plant stand alerts owners when the plant is low on water using visual and auditory cues.



Michael Ciance

This mobile app empowers UMaine students to raise awareness of and solve the issues they find important.


Between U & Me

Emma Hodge and Colin Ingalls

This podcast and a curated art gallery are dedicated to supporting survivors of trauma. Their content is determined by votes from the community.



Evan Gillingham

This series of Arduino kits aims to teach children how to work with Arduino, while at the same time creating fun toys they can use.



Tyler D'Ambrosio'

Designed for adolescents aged 8-12 battling Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, this therapeutic app teaches real-world coping mechanisms through a fun narrative adventure.



Thanisorn Jarujinda

This augmented reality app helps newcomers to UMaine tour the campus with location-based directions and informative videos that adjust as you move.



John Baker & Ryan LaMarche

This platform lets professors create personalized profiles to display their research, hobbies, and other ways to publicize classes that might interest students.


Shadow Box_theater

Drake Perkins

This changeable and customizable art piece helps keep people creative during their extended at-home time by constructing scenes in a pre-made theater.



Caitlyn Sharples

The soothing animations and grounding meditation of this immersive installation calm anxiety, and can be deployed at home or feature its users' favorite meditations.



Jared Steinbrecher

This journal app asks you three questions every day, and visualizes your mood swings with charts to provide a concise snapshot of your mental health over time.



Colleen Gallagher

This app warns when food is going bad in your kitchen, preventing its users from wasting money and produce.


Flux Shift

Joey Haney

This series of prototypes demonstrate how to repurpose wasted energy by generating electricity from sources such as the vibrations of operating vehicles.


Inside Art

Owen Savage

This interactive VR environment allows viewers to enter an original 2d artwork and explore navigate it as though it were a 3d landscape.



MK Jones

A mobile application with the intention of safely creating symbiotic relationships between grandparents and kids in need.
3d world design for Mozilla Hubs and Second Life by the talented Thomas Griffith.