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Sarah Scofield

CauseSource is a website based on utilizing crowdsourcing to allow users to post or contribute to created causes. A "cause" can be considered a group, organization, or just a single user seeking assistance to reach their prospective goals with the help of other CauseSource users. CauseSource allows causes to recruit members to assist them, post upcoming events, collect donations, and connect with other causes. Users (or supporters) will have the ability to donate their money or their time by volunteering to help with posted events. The users also have the option of connecting and building friendships with other likeminded supporters.

Tutoring Tools Tutoring Tools

Lauren Panaswich

The understanding of dimensional analysis in Chemistry 121 has been a large issue at the University of Maine. Students seek tutoring through the university's tutor program in order to succeed in CHY121. By targeting each student's individual learning style using the Brain Dominance Theory, helping students learn dimensional analysis will come easier. Offering students tools such as interactive animations and videos that are geared to their learning style will help make this possible.

Monitoring and Trending Environmental Variables of Beehives: a Utilization of Live Sensor DataMonitoring and Trending Environmental Variables of Beehives: a Utilization of Live Sensor Data

Regina Smith

Exploring and tracking environmental variables of a closed system through sensor data affords us the opportunity not only monitor information essential to the success or failure of the closed system, but gives us the ability to visualize such data for a greater understanding of the system as a whole over time. The importance of monitoring and visualizing data is to contribute solutions to improve the given system once the information is interpreted

Recently, colonized beehives, closed environmental systems, have needed such feedback. Colony Collapse Disorder, a term defined in 2006, addressed sudden large losses of colonized bees throughout the world. The disorder devastates beehives most often during the winter months. In more southern climates where the hive is accessible year round, beekeepers can frequently check the status of their hives by observing hive conditions through examination. In northern climates, hives are unable to be opened from late October to mid April because temperatures would shock and kill the colony instantaneously.

My capstone aims to bridge the gap between winter management and a closed environmental system. By allowing beekeepers, or any user managing a closed system with limiting external factors, to monitor their environment without disturbing it, the success of a given system can be increased.

Anthropomorphizing sculpture can enhance viewers' experience.Anthropomorphizing sculpture can enhance viewers' experience.

Randima Rukshan Rodrigo

The definition of anthropomorphize is "to ascribe human characteristics to things not human" (Harper 2001)

Anthropomorphism carries many important implications. For example,thinking of a nonhuman entity in human ways renders it worthy of moral care and consideration (Isanski 2010). Taking this to account and applying human characteristics to sculptures will increase the value and interactivity.

UX3D: User Experience in the Third DimensionUX3D: User Experience in the Third Dimension

Lucas Richards, Ian Lusk

The project uses the Oculus Rift and LEAP Motion to explore user interaction in three-dimensional space. The Oculus allows users to immerse themselves in a 3D environment, while the Leap Motion lets them reach out into their new digital surroundings to grab objects and control them in new ways. Unlike a touchscreen, which is limited to two dimensions, we're able to use 3D gestures to manipulate objects around you using your entire hand. The core of our project is focused on these three-dimensional gestures and how they affect the user's experience, perception, and expectations of what is possible.


Robert Britten, Adam Chamberland

The prevalence and power of smartphones in our society today has opened up new opportunities for technology, media, and social networks to be used with the outdoors in ways that have never been possible before. Because skiing and snowboarding are inherently both competitive and social sports, we believe that this is the perfect outdoor activity to explore these opportunities. Our Capstone project is an iOS application and competitive social network for skiers and snowboarders to share photos and videos taken at ski resorts through geotagging. Media will be posted from the app, as well as aggregated from other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We hope to further connect people in New England's skiing/snowboarding community, as well as push its overall quality of photography, videography, and athletic skill.

Make a NoteMake a Note

Ryan Mcauley, James Knght

There are many digital tools available online for today's composers. For our capstone we asked the question "What is the fastest way to transfer a melody from your head to a digital medium?". This to us is the essense of what a digital sound editing tool should do. To answer our question, we created a digital environment built to compose your ideas quickly and efficiently. Be creative anywhere, be it home, work or train. This makes it ideal for quick, 5 minute composing sessions while you ride the train, or getting those melodies out of your head late at night. Compose when it's convenient for you. Don't let your lifestyle dictate how you make your music.

Schedi: Social Time Management in Academic SettingSchedi: Social Time Management in Academic Setting

Hong Dong, David Searle

The presence of contemporary and emerging new media technologies allows people to communicate more efficiently than we did in the past. In the last two decades, the advancement of technology transform many physical entities that people have been using utilizing for many years into digital forms, one of which is electronic calendar. Currently, there are many well developed systems available, most of them are however designed for business settings. As such, we propose to develop an online time planning and schedule making system designed to fit academic settings, focusing on the student-centered design and easy sharing of schedules.

SFX: Makeup, Magic, and PerformanceSFX: Makeup, Magic, and Performance

Emma Hamm

A comprehensive documentation of creating an original creature design out of foam latex. This project will incorporate New Media through blogs, live webinars, and a live performance which will educate and inform about the design, application, and performance of a Special Effects Prosthetics makeup.

BloodhoundBloodhound: An Interactive Narrative Abstract

Coralie Dapice, Jordan Guy, Rory McGuir

Over the course of human civilization, stories have been a means to preserve our culture, entertain, and educate us. Stories are entirely dependent on the storyteller, the audience, and the story medium. As humanity has evolved, the ways in which we tell stories have adapted from it's most fundamental and basic form, word of mouth, to mediums with more complexity such as print, film, and computer technologies. With each evolution of story mediums, comes a change in how the story is told and how the audience interacts with the story. As our technology has grown, many have explored the possibilities of more meaningful interactions with stories, where audience members can directly change the story in real time, causing the story to adapt to them,  and effectively making them part of the story.

Today, video games are being explored as that medium, because they allow for audience members to control a character within the story and in some cases change it. The problem with video games however is that the story, or narrative, is too dependent on the interactions. This means that the narrative is there in service to the interactions, to drive the audience to beat the game, which can result in a less realized narrative. Even the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, which has a strong narrative, still relies on the audience member's interaction to progress further.

Virtual Graffiti: Reconciling Art and Crime (Formerly Augmented Reality Graffiti)Virtual Graffiti: Reconciling Art and Crime (Formerly Augmented Reality Graffiti)

Nathaniel Lawson

Graffiti art stands juxtaposed between a legitimate art form and an act of vandalism. Graffiti has its own culture, its own language, and its own unique imagery and placement that have allowed it to become an influential method of expression within urban and suburban communities alike. However, creation of graffiti art, in the great majority of cases, is illegal. Due to the permanent nature of aerosol paint (by far the most common graffiti medium), it can be damaging to both public and private property. As a result, anti-graffiti organizations as well as law enforcement work actively to eradicate graffiti artwork and prosecute graffiti artists. Also, the sentiment that permeates much of mainstream society is that graffiti simply exists as vandalism. If the criminal aspects were eliminated, graffiti art could be legitimized and become an art form free from criminal stereotype.

Anonymously Connected Anonymously Connected

Nicole Levy, Shelby Caret

The social media study will open up a window into the specifics of how the Millennial generation is changing the ways of communication and participation in activities--specifically in circumstances with "Anon" (short for anonymous: followers are investing trust and time to take information, orders, and even rewards from an entity which they have never met before--and perhaps never will) accounts on the social media platform Twitter. With the anonymously trusted entity making its presence known and manipulating those who follow by prompting them do actively participate in the non-digital world in their physical form--an idea that not so long ago wasn't so taboo yet is becoming more and more rare as digital social platforms are being chosen over naturally human interaction. This study will show the in-depth technicalities that are necessary while creating professional level connections on social media platform--which is one of the fastest growing media professions currently.

Krew ShirtKrew Shirt

Nicholas Lee, Cameron Mitchell, Alexander Prevey

Concerts are events that every person should experience at one point in their life. It is a lively, energy-filled occasion with loud music and a light show (depending on what type of concert you attend). For our project, the focus will be on electronic dance music, or EDM, concerts. These concerts have live performances by DJs around the world. These shows are often accompanied by an extravagant light show that adds a new touch to the concert. The audience feeds off both the lights and the music

Those are the two main factors of a concert, the music and lights, and the audience. The goal of our project is to combine these factors and make the audience part of the light show. Essentially, this Capstone group created multiple T-shirts that have lights on the front. These lights would be controlled and synced to the light show of the concert. The audience would see shirts in front of them light up. This would add something completely new to a concert; an audience light show.

Bouchard Davidson Mills Visno IconVisNo Interactive

Bryan Bouchard, Emily Davidson, and Mariah Mills

While visual novels are not as popular in the U.S. as other counties, they are an up and coming platform for storytelling. Artists, musicians, voice actors, writers, and many other talents aid in the creation of visual novels. VisNo Interactive will be a hub for those who want to create and share their own visual novels to come together, collaborate, and see their stories come to life.

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Dreher Jeff Back Of Your Hand IconLike the Back of Your Hand

Jeff Dreher

How well do you know the back of your hand? With this mobile app, you can now find out. Upload a photo of the back of your hand, then try and find the back of your hand in a field of other users' hands. You will be scored on how fast and accurately you can identify your hand. Compete with your friends for a high score.

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Higgins Travis Itorch IconiTorch

Travis Higgins

From personal experience with projection, and researching the purchase of several projector units I found that the main issue for projector longevity were their bulbs. The light bulb in a projector is the most common part to break or burn out in the life of a projector, but with the iTorch - if you have another flashlight you are good to go!

I designed the iTorch to be a portable and wireless projection system that would allow a user to freely project their media wherever they choose.

Gender Representation in Video Game

by Jess Hanson

My objective is to develop a series of short video games that create and compare narratives to explore gender representation and the gamer culture. These video games will be based upon and supplemented by surveys and research that explore the imbalance of represented characters and their gender. With the rise of popularity and accessibility of gaming, the imbalance of fair gender representation has become a problem in the industry- not only for those affected, but for the attitude of gamers in general. This project is designed to see if the concept of gender truly is a driving force in believable characters and storytelling. The responses that will be obtained after presenting the user with certain types of scenarios that they may or may not be accustomed to in a game will give significant insight into exactly what can trigger someone into not liking, or not relating to certain characters.

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Robinson Sarah Give Maine Art IconGive. Maine. Art.

By Sarah Robinson

Give. Maine. Art. is a project about promoting Maine art and artists, while also giving back to the state that we all love so dearly. Give. Maine. Art. is a project where artists and students from around Maine donate genuine pieces of artwork. These pieces of artwork may be digital copies or prints of the original. Any money that is raised from the piece will go directly to the charity that the artist has chosen to support. Maine art supporting the development and continuation of Maine artists, the way live should be.

This project is primarily web-based, to bring the concept of an art fundraiser online. The artist can submit digital copies of their work as a PDF file, and leave a description. The artist also determines how much they would like the piece listed for, what charity all the proceeds go to, and gives a quick description. The charities this project has chosen to support are: Maine Center for Creativity, Maine Alliance for Arts & Education, Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center, and Youth Arts. Give. Maine. Art. can be found at or Give Maine Art on Facebook.

Phillips Timoney Nmd4me IconDefining New Media Through New Media

By Neal Timoney and Rick Phillips

Throughout our years in the New Media major at the University of Maine, there is one question we have heard hundreds of times: "So, what is New Media?" And as any New Media major will tell you, this is not the easiest of questions to answer. Through combining the uses of iBooks Author, Final Cut, and Mozilla Popcorn Maker, Rick Phillips and Neal Timoney attempt to answer this question, through the use of new media. Our interactive documentary will provide different pages on things such as the future of new media, why one might be interested in a New Media major, and the different sections of new media, such as art and technology. These pages will have text, along with interviews from actual New Media students and faculty, along with pieces of work from the people interviewed, showing what they have been able to do in the major. It is our hope that this project will allow incoming freshmen to determine what they can do with a New Media major, and what the major is really like once they are in it.

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Rollins Zwerdling Build Bands IconBuild Bands

Nick Rollins and Jordan Zwerdling

You know those little silicone bracelets everyone wears? Some of them are for cancer awareness, or live strong. We have seen people wearing way too many of these on their wrists. Some people wear five to ten of these at any given time. Our goal is to change that by allowing one bracelet that can represent many different organizations. With a build bands bracelet, you can represent your favorite organizations with a name tag that can be put on or taken off of the bracelet itself. With these bracelets, you are able to represent up to five different organizations at once, which completely eliminates the need to wear so many of those little things. You can even design your own and represent almost anything you can think of.

Ferretti Mark Secretspots LogosSecret Spots

Mark Ferretti

As many of us already are aware, the internet has let us connect with people and share information with them without ever having to meet them. Blogs, forums and social networking sites all lets us interact with each other very easily and from anywhere. Since skateboarding and long-boarding are very socialized sports, I decided to bring that socialization to the internet. My capstone project captures this information sharing ability of the internet and combines it the the social aspect of skateboarding/long-boarding. Skaters are always sharing information about new spots or new long-board hills that they know of with their friends. With my capstone skaters will be able to go to my website and search around a simple map for new locations to skate as well as add their own new location they wish to share.